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AGM 2017

AGM 2017 Minutes 14/11/2017

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Archery NI Articles of Association adopted at AGM

AGM 2017 – Papers

AGM 2017 – Information and Call for Volunteers

Annual General Meeting Information and Call for Volunteers


Preliminary AGM information is given below

  1. The Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 November from 6pm – 8.30pm at the NICVA ( in Duncairn Gardens in Belfast. The main business of the meeting will include adopting the new constitution, electing a new Board of Directors, and receiving the report on the Interim Board.
  2. The formal notice calling the AGM will be issued on the web site on 16 October.
  3. All senior members of Archery NI have a vote. To exercise your vote, you either have to be at the AGM or appoint someone to vote on your behalf (this person is called your proxy). Your proxy can be the Chairman of the meeting or someone you know who is going, such as your Club Secretary. Further details will be given in the formal notice.

Call for Directors

Members wishing to out themselves forward for election to Board Director should email their expression of interest to by 18 September. They should include their full name, membership number, length of membership and a statement of why they wish to become a Director and what experience they have that will help them.

The consultation on the constitution advised that there was a preference to have four Directors with the following distinct roles: Coaching, Development, Membership Services and Performance, The consultation advised against amalgamating roles as it would create too narrow a base.

The Interim Board’s experience with the budget is that the sums involved are relatively small (turnover of around £12,000 per year) and do not warrant, at this stage, a Director of Finance. Overall budget oversight will be with the Chairman and the Board, and day-to-day budget control will be exercised by the Company Secretary.

Job Descriptions are available: –





Inspecting the Annual Accounts

We are looking for someone who is a member, or is an acquaintance of a member, to inspect or annual accounts – this is not an onerous task as the turnover is small (around £12,000 per annum). That person should have an accounting background but not necessarily be a Chartered Accountant.

If you know someone, please contact

Board Meetings 2017

Archery NI is governed by a Board of Directors as listed on the Contact Us page

We hold regular board meetings and will post minutes of these meetings here as quickly as we can after they have been passed – so they will always be a meeting behind.

Board Meeting – Archery-NI-Board-Minutes-January2017

Board Meeting – Archery-NI-Board-Minutes-March2017

Notes and Actions – ArcheryNI-Notes-and-Actions-Board-4April2017

Board Meeting – ArcheryNI-Board-Minutes-June2017

Notes and Actions  – ArcheryNI-Notes-and-Actions-Board-9May2017

Notes and Actions  – ArcheryNI-Notes-and-Actions-Board-11July2017

Board Meeting – ArcheryNI-Board-Minutes-November2017


All members are reminded that all Archery GB members sign up to follow the Archery GB Codes of Conduct –

Also Rules of Shooting and SAPs –