Archery NI Consultation Process

To the Archery clubs of NI,

Today Archery NI officially begins a consultation process with all Archery NI members.

The aim of the process is to discover and assess issues that our members would like to see addressed, in order to move the organisation forward in a positive manner.

As I outlined at last year’s AGM it is important that we all move forward together for the betterment of the sport, and this consultation process can help achieve that.

So, in the coming weeks we want to hear from YOU and your club members.

Initially, this email is being sent to all clubs and we are asking for feedback on the issues you want addressed and the questions you want answered. We would request that you carry out your own consultation process within your club, summarise the issues and email this back to us. Once we receive this information, a full survey will be sent out to all individual Archery NI members* and the answers from that will help to provide information for the Board to put together a strategy which will take Archery NI forward.

We look forward to every club’s replies. The deadline to submit is February 23rd, which is in order for us to put together questions for the survey that is targeted to be sent out in March. Please send your feedback to

Thanking you and yours in sport

Steven Beacom

Archery NI Chairman


Important information:

For Archery NI members* to receive the survey and be part of the process each member must ensure that their AGB/ANI membership record held on Sport:80 shows a ‘Yes’ at the ‘Receive Ezines’ check-button on page 5 of the Athlete Information section of your Profile. This signifies that you have opted in to receive communication from AGB or ANI in email format. Without this opt-in we are not permitted to use your email address in this way. Check also that a valid and current email address is shown in the Profile.

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