Update on Archery NI

Archery in Northern Ireland has a promising future, good progress has been made over the last few months and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. NIAS was successfully disbanded at the end of September and a newly constituted governing body for archery in Northern Ireland – Archery NI was established on 1 October 2016. The recruitment process for a new, competency based Board commenced in September led by the Archery GB Nominations Committee and an Interim Board has been established utilising Directors from Archery GB. Members of the Interim Board and their contact details are listed below:

Interviews for the new Board took place in January and we are delighted to announce that Ian McAuley has been appointed as Director of Membership and Development Services and Damien Lennon has been appointed as Director of Performance and Coaching and their contact details are listed below:

Ian McAuley commented on his appointment. “I am pleased to have been appointed as the Archery NI Director for Membership and Development. My background is I am a Health & Safety Consultant, an archer, a Coach and an Archery GB Judge – and I am passionate about the sport. Through these roles, I have worked with archers shooting their first arrow through to judging experienced high-level competitive archers shooting WRS competitions in NI and GB.

Archery in Northern Ireland has experienced a difficult time in recent years. Under the new body, we now have an opportunity to leave the past behind and forge a new start.

Whilst I realise my task will not be easy I hope to build on the success our small Province has enjoyed through archers such as Olympian Patrick Houston and indeed the numerous others who have represented GB on the world stage. It think it’s fair to say we ‘punch well above our weight’!

Our archers, clubs, coaches and volunteers are enthusiastic and passionate about the sport they love. If we work together my vision is that we can attract new members, regain previous members and indeed further develop the performance of our athletes”.

Whilst Damien Lennon said “I personally am very excited about this new role and I am honoured to have been selected. I am really looking forward to delivering the new coaching structures into Northern Ireland and delivering future stars of Team GB. I am hoping to start many more juniors on their talent pathway and achieve their potential and dreams.

I recognise this is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication and I am prepared to put in the work to achieve this goal. I hope to share thus determination with the coaches, clubs and athletes themselves that we can embolden our sport and create champions”

There are still some positions available, for which we have had no suitable applicants and we’ll continue the recruitment process until all vacancies have been filled. In the meantime, members of the Interim Board will stay in post and work with the newly appointed Board members so not to halt progress. If you are interested in applying for any of the Board positions, then please click here:

The first Board meeting is scheduled for early March and items on the agenda will include the appointment of Chair.

A bright future

We are delighted to announce that membership of Archery NI is looking strong and compared with figures from the region this time last year, membership numbers are up over 40%. We have also received a strong indication that our funding submission to Sport Northern Ireland has been successful, doubling their investment for this forthcoming cycle. This funding will be used to strengthen the Northern Ireland Talent Pathway, helping to identify and develop athletes from across grassroots areas of the sport capable of becoming Olympic and Paralympic performers. It will also support the establishment of a Northern Ireland Archery Training Zone, the purpose of the zone will be to include any archer of any age, bow type or ability to improve their performance. It will also serve as a focal point for coach development and education across the sport in Northern Ireland.

We will also align and implement key areas of the Archery GB strategic plan across NI, such as coaching and competition, along with our participation initiatives which will cover all aspects of the sport from young people through to adult and community.

The tournament calendar has now been collated and is at the top of the page.

This is an important time for archery in Northern Ireland as it plans for the future, and your continued support and input on how your governing body should operate will be a valuable part of those future plans. We would appreciate it if you could circulate this letter within your archery networks, in case some people are not on our communications list.

Future Communication

We would like to build a regular flow of communication within the Archery NI network. To keep up to date with news then please follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArcheryNI/ and to submit any news stories for future e-zines then please email enquiries@archeryni.org.uk

Thank you for your cooperation and we really value your support on this matter, if you have any questions please contact us through the email address above.

Northern Ireland Coaching Strategy Workshop

Archery GB’s Performance Unit is looking to deliver a Coaching Strategy Workshop, to be held locally, in order to move Coaching forward within Northern Ireland, with a date still to be confirmed by Archery GB.

This is an exciting opportunity for Archery GB Registered Coaches in Northern Ireland to participate and interact with Archery GB’s Performance Unit.

The Director of Performance and Coaching, is looking for Archery GB Registered Coaches to make their interest known in taking part in this opportunity to further develop their Coaching skills.

As spaces will be limited, please send your name, club and email address to enquiries@archeryni.org.uk so that a list can be compiled of possible participants for this Workshop.

Please Note: The maximum number of participants per Workshop will be 15 Archery GB Registered Coaches.

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