ABO Field Championships – NI Team

Latest! Congratulations to all 13 NI archers who took part in the Field Championships at the weekend. We didn’t manage to win the Home Nations Team trophy but five archers walked away with individual trophies and medals.

Well done to Mark Nesbitt who took first place in mens recurve, Tom Mehaffey for first place in junior barebow, Marion Patterson first in ladies compound barebow, Angela Cowan third in ladies barebow and Glenn Thompson who took the silver medal in gents trad style.

The All British & Open Field Championships takes place at Overton, England during the weekend of 26/27th May. As well as the individual competition a Home Nations Team event is included. Each team consists of a maximum of one of each of the eight shooting styles with a mix of at least two gents or ladies. Based on the recent performance of those NI archers attending the championships the Board of Archery NI is pleased to announce the NI Home Nations Team selection. In recognition of their representation of NI each team member will receive a fixed contribution of £150 towards travelling and entry costs.

The NI ABO Field Championships Home Nations Team is:-

Rebecca Lennon (CUL), Mark Nesbitt (RC for CLtd), Kim Pegrum (RC & Team Manager), Marion Patterson (CBB), Stevie Kerr (BB), Glenn Thompson (TRAD)

All at Archery NI wish the team and those other NI archers attending the championships good shooting. Win medals and bring home the bling!

New Chairman appointed

The Board of Archery NI is pleased to announce that a new Chairman has been appointed on 8th May 2018.

Mr Marc Scott, formerly of Sport NI, spoke of his great pleasure to take on the role of Chair of Archery NI. “While archery in NI has seen some challenges over the last few years, with the commitment and dedication which is evident in the volunteer workforce, both in the clubs and Archery NI Board, the clear direction and support being provided by Archery GB and the potential in the athlete pool, this is an exciting time to be given the opportunity and to be privileged to lead the organisation.

In conjunction with strong governance foundations, engagement with members is key to the success of Archery NI and I look forward to meeting as many members from all aspects of the sport in the near future, and working with the archery family to ensure a successful and sustainable future for the sport in the region.”

The Board very much looks forward to working under Marc’s leadership.


Unfortunately, the Board also has to report that two other Directors have recently resigned.

John Kane, Performance Director for just a short period, has had a job promotion with associated increased responsibilities which he feels does not allow him sufficient time for Archery NI work. He continues to be available as one of our Regional Judges.

Ian McAuley, Membership Director, is also experiencing increased work pressures and has decided to step down after some twenty months on the board, including a difficult first year of the new organisation.

The Board would like to express many thanks to both John and Ian and wishes them well in their work endeavours.

This means there are now two vacancies for member directors and applications are invited for anyone interested and wanting to contribute to the running, development and future of archery in N. Ireland.

Job specifications can be found below and expressions of interest should be sent to company.secretary@archeryni.org.uk

Director of Membership Services-JobDescription

Director of Performance-JobDescription

Archery NI needs your help

The following is a list of positions within Archery NI that require volunteers to step up and take a share of the jobs that need doing to make ANI an effective organisation.

Positions are open to all members and members’ families and friends who are qualified and have the necessary skills and time to satisfy the position requirements.

Anyone interested should respond to admin@archeryni.org.uk stating position of interest and reason why you are suitable and giving relevant experience.                       Closing date is Friday 27th April.

Selection will be based only on the skills, experience and other information supplied with the application. Depending on number and quality of applicants interviews may take place.

This is an initial list. Other positions will be added at a later date.                                          Links to the Job Descriptions and other related requirements are as follows:-

Records Officer

Financial Assistant

Social Media Officer (Webmaster/Facebook Admin)


Chairman’s Resignation

The Board of Archery NI regretfully announces that the resignation of the Chairman, Mr Steven Beacom, has been accepted on 19th March 2018. Steven indicated a number of reasons including personal ones for his departure. Steven said that he enjoyed his short time in such a prestigious role and wishes to thank all involved at Archery NI for their warmth towards him and their passion for the sport, with special thanks to the Board members for their endeavour, enthusiasm, ideas and generosity. He wished Archery NI every success in the future.

Membership Director Ian McAuley has stepped into the chairman’s role on a temporary basis and the recruitment of a new independent chairperson has begun. The job specification can be found here. The post is open for anyone to present themselves as a candidate. If you know someone you believe could make a good chairperson please encourage them to step forward now. Some interest from within sport and professional networks has already been registered. Applications with supporting information, reasons and qualifications should be sent to company.secretary@archeryni.org.uk by Sunday 8th April.

Consultation – response to Phase 1

Thank you to all those clubs/members who took time to reply to Phase 1 of the Consultation Process. We received really good feedback and lots of ideas and issues to work on. Some of the subjects raised can be answered and implemented quickly and these are addressed below for your information.

The Consultation Process and the upcoming survey will help form our Development Plan which we will produce as quickly as possible, because it is important to ANI and needed by clubs for grant applications etc. In order to do so and to get it right we need members to reply to the survey.

Members of the Board are planning to visit all clubs within the next two months. We want to listen to you in person as well as get the survey responses.

The Board is in the process of preparing job descriptions for each of the volunteer technical positions. In line with equal opportunities and good practise, these will be posted on the ANI website for interested persons to apply. The job descriptions will give a clear idea of each role and the estimated time commitment needed. Those persons who are already carrying out these functions in a caretaking capacity or have already expressed a willingness to take on any of these jobs, are requested to apply. No pre-selection has taken place, vacancies are open to all.

With reference to eligibility and selection criteria for ANI national teams, these are being reviewed by the Board and will be clear and concise and published on the ANI website as soon as they are available.

The Board is aware of the shooting calendar issues and we are looking at ways to resolve, but there are only so many weekends in the year so clashes will unfortunately be inevitable. The ANI Field & Open Championships have now been confirmed to take place on 27/28th October at Clandeboye, as shown in the calendar.

The NI field archery records are now available to view on the ANI website and the target records will be added soon. As Archery NI has no control over the UK records it is not appropriate to put them on the ANI website and risk that they are not kept current. They can be found on the AGB website at https://www.archerygb.org/national-squads-records/national-squad/national-records/

Ranking classification scores are available on the Archery GB website (within the Shooting Administration Procedures) at https://www.archerygb.org/shoot-compete/compete/classification-handicaps/ .  As Archery NI has no control of these it is again not appropriate to put them on the ANI website and risk that they are not kept current.

Communication to the ANI membership will only take place by email to the clubs and notices posted simultaneously on the ANI website and copy posted to the ArcheryNI Facebook page. Direct posting to other Facebook pages, for example clubs or forums, will not be done, but clubs and individuals may, of course, share or repost to those other pages.

It was requested that AGB Membership cards be inspected at every shoot. This is at the discretion of the Tournament Organiser but is good practice to ensure compliance and correct insurance cover and is to be recommended.

All other topics mentioned in the Phase 1 feedback will be incorporated into the full member survey which will be sent out within the next month.

Reminder: to be able to receive a survey you must have a valid email address recorded in your Sport:80 profile and the box for ‘Receive Ezines’ must be checked ‘Yes’. Currently around 50 % of the Archery NI membership will not receive the survey because of their Sport:80 settings. If you want to participate and have your voice heard, change those settings now!

Archery NI Consultation Process

To the Archery clubs of NI,

Today Archery NI officially begins a consultation process with all Archery NI members.

The aim of the process is to discover and assess issues that our members would like to see addressed, in order to move the organisation forward in a positive manner.

As I outlined at last year’s AGM it is important that we all move forward together for the betterment of the sport, and this consultation process can help achieve that.

So, in the coming weeks we want to hear from YOU and your club members.

Initially, this email is being sent to all clubs and we are asking for feedback on the issues you want addressed and the questions you want answered. We would request that you carry out your own consultation process within your club, summarise the issues and email this back to us. Once we receive this information, a full survey will be sent out to all individual Archery NI members* and the answers from that will help to provide information for the Board to put together a strategy which will take Archery NI forward.

We look forward to every club’s replies. The deadline to submit is February 23rd, which is in order for us to put together questions for the survey that is targeted to be sent out in March. Please send your feedback to admin@archeryni.org.uk

Thanking you and yours in sport

Steven Beacom

Archery NI Chairman


Important information:

For Archery NI members* to receive the survey and be part of the process each member must ensure that their AGB/ANI membership record held on Sport:80 shows a ‘Yes’ at the ‘Receive Ezines’ check-button on page 5 of the Athlete Information section of your Profile. This signifies that you have opted in to receive communication from AGB or ANI in email format. Without this opt-in we are not permitted to use your email address in this way. Check also that a valid and current email address is shown in the Profile.

New Performance Director

At the first meeting of the New Year the Archery NI Board co-opted John Kane to join the Board as Performance Director. He joins Steven Beacom (Chair), Susan Agnew (Development), Hazel Campbell (Coaching), Ian McAuley (Membership), Neil Armitage (AGB), Muriel Kirkwood (AGB) and Kim Pegrum (Comp.Secretary).

Although the Board is growing in numbers, skills and experience Archery NI is still in need of volunteers to take on a number of other jobs in order to make the organisation fully effective. Watch this space for details of these positions being advertised soon, and be ready to step forward to help.

Letter from the Chair

Hello Everyone,

It is Steven Beacom here, the Chair of Archery NI.

I wanted to bring you up to date on what has been happening since my appointment:-

It is fantastic that we have recruited more board members who can be of huge benefit to the organisation and our sport. I fully intend recruiting one or two more to make the Board even stronger moving forward.

I have also held meetings with several members about various roles and hopefully will have news on that in the weeks ahead.

I’m determined to start a consultation process amongst clubs and members that I feel is important so that everyone has a voice.

To that end I have asked Kim, our Company Secretary, to send out an email to all the clubs asking everyone what issues they would like to see addressed in Archery NI.

My plan for the year ahead is to have the consultation process concluded as soon as possible in order for us to move into the future with direction and confidence.

I also want to visit every club in the country, so if you haven’t provided dates/days when you train or shoot please do so.

Finally can I congratulate Frank Mulligan on his BEM award in the New Year’s Honours List. It is richly deserved for his outstanding service to archery and it was pleasing to see the great publicity Frank’s award generated on the broadcast and written media both locally in his home town of Banbridge and nationally.

Kind regards, Steven

Frank Mulligan awarded a BEM in the New Year’s honours list

Congratulations to Norther Ireland archery legend Frank Mulligan on being awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) in the New Year’s honours list.

Chairman of Archery Northern Ireland Steven Beacom said: “For Frank to receive the British Empire Medal is deserved recognition for a wonderful man who, along with his wife Pat, has put his life and soul into the great sport of archery.

Archery GB CEO Neil Armitage added: “What Frank Mulligan has done for archery over the past 47 years has been extraordinary. He not only goes down as a great coach, but a great man for everything he has given to the sport and his community. No one deserves this award more than Frank.”