Tournaments and Records

 Archery NI draft 2019 Tournament Calendar

Following the meeting with club representatives on 9th August here is the draft Archery NI 2019 calendar. Would all clubs please check dates and events and advise any errors or omissions to  Please try to do this by the end of August so that a final version can be published.

ANI Calendar 2019 Draft

NI Team Eligibility

To be eligible for selection to represent NI archers must fulfil both of the following:-

  1. must be a fully paid up member of Archery NI and…
  2. must have been born in N. Ireland, or have one parent who was born in N. Ireland, or have been resident in N. Ireland for a minimum continuous period of two years before the start of the current membership year.

Note that documentary evidence (passport, birth certificate etc.) may be requested to prove any of the conditions above.

Tournament Calendar 2018 – UPDATE 6-6-2018

Archery NI Tournament calendar 2018

Changes include:

21st/22nd July – Archery NI Target (outdoor) Championships – relocated to Lisnagarvey School, Lisburn hosted by NIPA (NI Performance Academy)

NI Records

Field Records (Marked, Unmarked & Combined updated on 14/8/2018)

For all new NI field archery record claims, please arrange for the TO of the event where the score was achieved to send full details to the Field Records Officer.

If you believe that you have a NI record that is not shown here, please email the details including either a copy of the score card or results sheet to Field Records Officer at .

Marked Field Records                                        Un-Marked Field Records

Combined Field Records

Mixed Field Records                                           Double Mixed Field Records


Target Records (correct at 26/4/2018)

For all NI target archery record claims, please arrange for the TO of the event where the score was achieved to send full details to the ANI Coaching Director, Hazel Campbell at  and she will verify and update the records accordingly.

NI WA720 Records                                                             NI WA Double 720 round

NI Target Records – Indoor – WA18 round           NI Target Records – Indoor – Portsmouth

NI Target Records – Indoor – Double WA18         NI Target Records – Indoor – Double Portsmouth

NI Records Metric 5 – Ladies (U12)

NI Records Metric4 – Ladies (U14)

Ni Records Metric 3 – Ladies U16)                           NI Records Metric 3 – Gents (U14)

NI Records Metric 2 – Ladies (U18)                         NI Records Metric 2 – Gents (U16)

                                                                                                NI Records Metric 1 – Gents (U18)

NI Outdoor Target Records – Ladies1440            NI Outdoor Target Records – Junior Gents 1440

                                                                                                 NI Outdoor Target Records – Gents 1440