Consultation – response to Phase 1

Thank you to all those clubs/members who took time to reply to Phase 1 of the Consultation Process. We received really good feedback and lots of ideas and issues to work on. Some of the subjects raised can be answered and implemented quickly and these are addressed below for your information.

The Consultation Process and the upcoming survey will help form our Development Plan which we will produce as quickly as possible, because it is important to ANI and needed by clubs for grant applications etc. In order to do so and to get it right we need members to reply to the survey.

Members of the Board are planning to visit all clubs within the next two months. We want to listen to you in person as well as get the survey responses.

The Board is in the process of preparing job descriptions for each of the volunteer technical positions. In line with equal opportunities and good practise, these will be posted on the ANI website for interested persons to apply. The job descriptions will give a clear idea of each role and the estimated time commitment needed. Those persons who are already carrying out these functions in a caretaking capacity or have already expressed a willingness to take on any of these jobs, are requested to apply. No pre-selection has taken place, vacancies are open to all.

With reference to eligibility and selection criteria for ANI national teams, these are being reviewed by the Board and will be clear and concise and published on the ANI website as soon as they are available.

The Board is aware of the shooting calendar issues and we are looking at ways to resolve, but there are only so many weekends in the year so clashes will unfortunately be inevitable. The ANI Field & Open Championships have now been confirmed to take place on 27/28th October at Clandeboye, as shown in the calendar.

The NI field archery records are now available to view on the ANI website and the target records will be added soon. As Archery NI has no control over the UK records it is not appropriate to put them on the ANI website and risk that they are not kept current. They can be found on the AGB website at

Ranking classification scores are available on the Archery GB website (within the Shooting Administration Procedures) at .  As Archery NI has no control of these it is again not appropriate to put them on the ANI website and risk that they are not kept current.

Communication to the ANI membership will only take place by email to the clubs and notices posted simultaneously on the ANI website and copy posted to the ArcheryNI Facebook page. Direct posting to other Facebook pages, for example clubs or forums, will not be done, but clubs and individuals may, of course, share or repost to those other pages.

It was requested that AGB Membership cards be inspected at every shoot. This is at the discretion of the Tournament Organiser but is good practice to ensure compliance and correct insurance cover and is to be recommended.

All other topics mentioned in the Phase 1 feedback will be incorporated into the full member survey which will be sent out within the next month.

Reminder: to be able to receive a survey you must have a valid email address recorded in your Sport:80 profile and the box for ‘Receive Ezines’ must be checked ‘Yes’. Currently around 50 % of the Archery NI membership will not receive the survey because of their Sport:80 settings. If you want to participate and have your voice heard, change those settings now!

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