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Archery GB / Archery NI support fund for clubs

The Board of Archery NI is pleased to forward this announcement from AGB about a support fund for clubs. ANI has been working with AGB over recent weeks to establish a source of financial assistance to clubs in order to help the re-start process, to bring back folks who were relatively new to archery and to attract new members:- Archery GB is delighted to launch a funding scheme that will support clubs in this difficult time. We recognise that bringing new people into your club is a vital part of the financial stability of many clubs. This is usually done through the running of beginners’ courses delivered by your volunteer workforce. Archery GB is now in a position to help financially-struggling clubs through our new Re-Build Activity Fund. Please go to the AGB website to read the full guidance on the purpose of the fund and eligibility – including a list of other important financial and funding advice. Archery GB, and a range of County and Regional Associations, are working together to financially support this situation and have an amount of funding available. Although the sums are small, they may well make a big difference to some clubs. Some County and Regional Associations may have their own grant schemes, and on receipt of your application we will therefore consult with the appropriate County and Regional Association to identify if a collaborative approach to the allocation of funding can be achieved.
2020-07-16 04:35:23

important information about the return to archery

The Board of Archery NI would like to provide the latest information with regard the return to archery in N. Ireland. Over the last few weeks ANI has been working closely with Sport NI and local government representatives so that archery is allowed to re-start as soon as possible but with appropriate measures in place to minimise the health risks involved. On Monday this week (1st June) a video meeting was arranged with the ANI clubs. All clubs were invited and 17 members representing 8 clubs and the Performance Academy attended. The Archery GB guidelines for re-start, which will also apply here in N.I. were reviewed. A number of concerns and difficulties were raised by the clubs and they indicated that some time is required to make the necessary preparations. ANI reminded the clubs that the re-start of archery only amounts to an extension of physical exercise and does not include competitions, travelling distances to other venues, does not include indoors, and everything must be done with 2m social distancing. Clubs have work to do to prepare for restart and new risk assessments must be written. Landowners and venue owners must give permission for clubs to restart, based on those risk assessments. Club members will need to be appraised of the new procedures which include a ‘turn up, shoot and go’ policy but does not include socialising! Local government and Sport NI were given the strategy for re-start of archery, including the AGB guidelines. This was received positively but no formal response and no confirmation of a start date had been received as of Monday. Shortly after 3pm this afternoon (Friday 5th June) Archery NI received communication from Sport NI that… “…This effectively means that with reference to categories within SNI’s Framework for Resumption of Sport & Physical Recreation, both non-contact and water-sports are able to operate under the restrictions associated with step one from 8th June… “ As archery falls within the non-contact category, Archery NI is pleased to announce that from Monday 8th June archery may recommence but within the restrictions included in the AGB guidelines and fully conforming to N.I. legal requirements. The ‘Returning to Archery Guidance Notes’ published by AGB and further information including a template risk assessment, an example range layout and FAQ’s can be found on the AGB website here The Board of Archery NI will continue to work closely with Sport NI and the Department of Communities and any further developments or information will be circulated accordingly. A special edition "Aim to Shoot" bulletin will be published containing a one-page summary of the key points included in the AGB Guidance documents. It is not meant to replace the AGB documents. It was prepared for the meeting last Monday to aid the discussion. Please feel free to use it for discussions within your clubs but for the full detail please use the original AGB documents
2020-06-05 09:21:54

Corona Update

The Archery NI Board met this evening and the current escalating situation with regards the Covid-19 virus was on the agenda. Archery NI continues to monitor the situation and is keeping abreast of the guidance being provided by the Public Health Authority and is providing advice accordingly. The Board has agreed to continue to align itself to the Archery GB position. The latest AGB information can be found here and includes the suspension of all shoot activities until end of April. Archery NI is therefore cancelling the 3D Field Championships scheduled for 25/26th April at Loughbrickland. If the AGB stance changes, or the guidance being provided by the Northern Ireland Executive changes, Archery NI will align itself to the strongest approach. In the meantime, continue to observe guidance regards regularly washing your hands and maintaining an appropriate level of social distancing and do not put your fellow members of the archery family at risk if you feel ill. Stay safe.
2020-03-17 10:00:00

Government issues coronavirus advice for sports

In line with Archery GB, Archery NI is currently following UK guidelines regarding our course of action with regards archery activity during the current Covid-19 situation. For the AGB statement go to At present there has been no directive to cancel sporting events. Archery NI is continuing to monitor this ever changing situation and will update members if there are any changes.
2020-03-13 11:00:00
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Upcoming Events

Important announcement Archers, Unfortunately, and with great regret, I have to advise we have taken the decision to cancel the Ron Bell Memorial shoot due to take place on 4th & 5th April. This is not a decision that we have made in haste, or without proper consideration. We have been closely following the news and advice from Government and we believe this is the correct thing to do given the current situation. We sincerely hope that you all stay safe and well and hopefully we all meet in the woods again in the not to distant future to share the craic and shoot a few arrows. Lough Cuan Bowmen

Early Season 720 It is with profound regret that I am postponing this competition but will look to establish a date so archers goals, dreams and ambitions can be kept alive for 2020. The fluid nature of the Covid19 situation changes daily and our future freedom to enjoy our sport in the next couple of months is being challenged. Archers are rightly nervous and as our numbers would be less than 100, with spacing on the line opportunities for human contact cannot be ruled out. I am not the only T.O having to make such a decision and I won’t be the last. Keep smiling try to keep shooting and I will get the date rescheduled as quick as possible in this Corvid19 climate. Damien Lennon

As BRA have cancelled sporting events in their sports hall, the Stafford and Portmouth round is now cancelled, apologise to all who entered but they are at the discretion of the school.

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