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Archery GB Youth Festival Report

The Festival took place from 28 July to 2 August 2019, and was attended by 13 archers from Northern Ireland along with Coaches and families. The venue is spectacular as it is at Lilleshall National Sports Centre which has amazing facilities for many sports. The shooting was intense as the archers had a qualification round on the Sunday which ranked them for the individual rounds as well as all the team events. The week culminates in the Gold medal matches taking place on the Orangery – it is a magnificent site and was live streamed on Archery GB’s website. Our archers were brilliant and came home with three gold and three silver medals:- Gold Lara Saunderson on the Compound Youth Womens Team Gold Sean Martin in the Recurve Cadet Mens Team Gold Molly McCormick in the Recurve Cadet Women’s Team Silver Luke Wheeler in the Recurve Cadet Mixed Team – Tier 2 Silver Jack Doherty in the Recurve Cub Mens Team Silver Jack Doherty in the Recurve Cub Men’s Individual Round. The International Team Competition was held and it was decided to co-opt members on to teams so that the competition would be more intense. Northern Ireland did very well with two silver medals and a bronze medal:- Silver in the Recurve Cub Team of Jack Doherty and Megan Havers (Our English Co-Opt). Silver in the Compound Mixed Teams of Sinead Byrne and Stuart McCullough. Bronze in the Recurve Cadet Mixed Pairs of Molly McCormick and Sean Martin. Everyone had a marvellous time and we are all looking forward to next year.

AGB Indoor Champs – NI Team application closing date extended

The closing date for applications to the NI teams at the British Indoor Championships has been extended from Monday 23rd September to 6pm on Wednesday 9th October 2019 for BOTH Seniors and Juniors. Instructions how to submit applications remain otherwise unchanged - see previous post below.

Invitation to apply for NI Teams - AGB Indoor Champs

The British Indoor Senior & Junior Target Championships 30th Nov./1st December 2019 at Lilleshall, Shropshire This event includes the Senior and Junior Home Nations matches. Teams consist of:- Seniors: 8 archers (2 GR, 2 LR, 2GC and 2LC). Juniors: 6 archers (2 GR, 2 LR, 1GC and 1LC). Archery NI Seniors Selection Criteria – WA18 Gents Recurve 541 Ladies Recurve 542 Gents Compound 585 Ladies Compound 568 Archery NI Juniors Selection Scores - Portsmouth Recurve Under 18 Gents 539 Ladies 524 Recurve Under 16 Gents 503 Ladies 508 Recurve Under 14 Gents 479 Ladies 458 Recurve Under 12 Gents 437 Ladies 413 Compound Under 18 Gents 570 Ladies 560 Compound Under 16 Gents 557 Ladies 516 Compound Under 14 Gents 469 Ladies 520 Compound Under 12 Gents 447 Ladies 494 • Archers must provide 2 x WA18 / Portsmouth scores valid from 24/09/18 to 23/09/19 • Archers must provide the Ianseo link and where possible a photo of the scorecard. • In the event of more archers qualified, the archers with the highest scores will attend the event. Archery NI invites archers who are interested to participate in these competitions, who are eligible to represent NI (see Archery NI Eligibility Criteria on the Governance page) and meet the selection criteria, to send supporting scores information to Closing date for applications is 6pm on Monday 23rd September 2019 for BOTH Seniors and Juniors.

2019-20 Membership Renewal Process

Here is some important information regarding the Membership Renewal Process for 2019-20 which starts at the end of next month. All ANI clubs have been sent this information together with the Archery NI bank account details. Please be aware of the following:- • On-line payment system is only for AGB; ANI payments are still manual. Please make payments for Archery NI payable to Archery NI, not to Archery GB, either by cheque or direct bank transfer. If paying by cheque, these may be sent to Archery GB together with your cheque for Archery GB. • Email with details when payment is sent. • Double check category of membership, especially anyone currently on a pro-rata membership. • Members moving to you from another club – to avoid creating a duplicate record, contact Membership Services (Helen Smedley) with member’s details to get them transferred to your club. • Direct members – clubs should not accept AGB Direct members for payment of ANI fees. Direct members should pay ANI fees themselves directly to ANI, as above! • Student members studying outside of N.I. but wishing to remain an ANI member, should join their Uni club and then also pay their regional fee directly to ANI , as above.
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Muckamore is holding their Portsmouth 5th October. We need to band together and support this club, so if you can make it sign up!!!!!

Next up coming shoots - the ANI field champs this weekend, entitled close tomorrow

NI and Open Field Championships 14th and 15th September 2019

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Aim to Shoot Bulletin

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