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Archery NI Annual General Meeting Wednesday 25th November 2020

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th November from 7.30pm and will take place as a virtual online Zoom meeting. Agenda: 1. Apologies for absence 2. For the year ending 30th September 2020, to receive and consider: • Minutes from 2019 AGM and 16th September EGM • The Report of the Board • Annual accounts 3. For the membership year October 2021 to September 2022, to adopt the Board’s recommended membership fees. 4. To elect Member and/or Independent Directors into vacant positions as follows:- Membership Director Development Director Independent Director(s) 5. To re-elect Neil Armitage, Archery GB nominated Director, for a second four year term. Should any member wish to be considered for, or to nominate someone for appointment to, any of the above positions, the name and details of the person must be notified to the Company Secretary by Monday 2nd November, being 7 days prior to the Board meeting for the consideration of AGM business. Special Business 6. Any special business for consideration. Should any member or group of members have any items of business they would like included in the meeting as Special Business the matter must be notified to the Company Secretary by Monday 2nd November, being 7 days prior to the Board meeting for the consideration of AGM business. Attendance and Voting: All members of Archery NI are entitled to attend the AGM. All Senior Members of Archery NI have a vote. To exercise your vote, you must lodge your vote prior to the meeting. Because the meeting will take place as a virtual online meeting and not a face-to-face meeting, there will be no allocation of voting rights by giving proxy to either the Chairman of the meeting or someone you know who will attend. To register your vote you will need to complete the online voting form which will be available from Monday 16th November and must be completed by midnight on Monday 23rd November. Call in details for Zoom will be published on Monday 23rd November by email to all ANI clubs and direct members, on the ANI website and on the ANI Facebook page. The full Meeting Notification and associated documents will be found on the Archery NI website on the Governance page under the section headed Board of Directors Meetings 2020
2020-10-19 04:23:46

Latest NI Executive announcements

The Archery NI Board is aware of the announcements made by the NI Executive in respect of increased restrictions due to the increase in numbers affected by COVID in NI. There are a number of points in the announcement which require clarification and Archery NI has been involved in discussions with the relevant partners in this regard. A number of questions have been raised through the NI Sports Forum and a further communication will be made once more information has been provided to Archery NI. In the meantime, please stay safe
2020-10-14 10:50:04

Membership Renewal Process Update

Sport:80 has been updated to collect Archery NI fees as well as AGB fees when memberships are renewed. The new system will come on stream tomorrow, Friday 2nd October from 12 noon. You will follow basically the same process as before to complete renewals and the new process applies to individual Direct members as well as club batch renewals. Please ensure that when you renew a member you have Northern Ireland selected in the county box. If paying by credit card, after adding all your members to the basket, and selecting the Stripe option for payment, you will be shown a breakdown of what is being paid to Archery GB and what is being paid to Archery NI. If paying by BACS and/or Cheque you will see a total amount only (AGB fee + ANI fee), that is payable to Archery GB. Once the payment has been made, Archery GB will then transfer the right amount across to Archery NI. This new process will apply when a member is added into the basket from tomorrow. It will not work retrospectively onto any renewals that you might already have processed. The ANI fees for any memberships already completed need to be paid manually.
2020-10-01 09:55:04

National Talent Development Programme Launch

Sunday 18th October 2020 Are you motivated to improve your performance and follow your goals? The success of the National Talent Programme, which started on 20 January 2019, is evidenced by the increase in athletes moving up the pathway to the Northern Ireland Performance Academy. Athlete Development Curriculum Athletes are supported with learning and development through targeted training programmes and competitive opportunities. Athletes will have a clear understanding of what they need to know and do to reach the next stage of their development. Tracking and Benchmarking Athletes are tracked through their development on key elements of their programme so that they can monitor progress. They will also undergo benchmark testing which helps view their trajectory referenced against the world’s best archers at that specific stage of development. Athletes undergo a process of assessment on key characteristics identified as being predictive of World Class success, and weighted appropriately to the age and stage of the athlete being profiled. Willingness to do the Work Undertaking and managing yourself as a performer is key to long term success. NTDP is aimed at supporting that learning by challenging you to consider what it takes to develop further, and how that journey is personal to you. Are you ready to undertake that journey? If so the training will be:- Sunday 18 October at 10.00 am Venue Lisnagarvey High School, Warren Gardens, Lisburn, BT28 1HN Please forward your name to NTDP Co-ordinator Hazel Campbell at with your name and age and bow style. Damien Lennon Pathway Talent Coach for Northern Ireland Archery GB
2020-09-30 15:40:12
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Upcoming Events

Important announcement Archers, Unfortunately, and with great regret, I have to advise we have taken the decision to cancel the Ron Bell Memorial shoot due to take place on 4th & 5th April. This is not a decision that we have made in haste, or without proper consideration. We have been closely following the news and advice from Government and we believe this is the correct thing to do given the current situation. We sincerely hope that you all stay safe and well and hopefully we all meet in the woods again in the not to distant future to share the craic and shoot a few arrows. Lough Cuan Bowmen

Early Season 720 It is with profound regret that I am postponing this competition but will look to establish a date so archers goals, dreams and ambitions can be kept alive for 2020. The fluid nature of the Covid19 situation changes daily and our future freedom to enjoy our sport in the next couple of months is being challenged. Archers are rightly nervous and as our numbers would be less than 100, with spacing on the line opportunities for human contact cannot be ruled out. I am not the only T.O having to make such a decision and I won’t be the last. Keep smiling try to keep shooting and I will get the date rescheduled as quick as possible in this Corvid19 climate. Damien Lennon

As BRA have cancelled sporting events in their sports hall, the Stafford and Portmouth round is now cancelled, apologise to all who entered but they are at the discretion of the school.

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