Archery NI Privacy Notice (General Data Protection Regulation)

Archery NI (ANI) collects and processes various data about its members, coaches, judges, entrants to championship tournaments and other related persons.

ANI has a legitimate interest to collect and process this data to assist the effective running of the organisation.

ANI takes all practicable measures to secure and protect the data by using a restricted membership database, password protecting local electronic files, restricting access to the raw data and generally only using anonymized data for information and decision-making within the Board of Directors.

ANI collects membership data annually when submitted by individuals or club officials for membership renewal. Applicants for membership will be advised of the ANI (and AGB) data protection policy at this time.

ANI membership data is collected and stored on the Archery GB database within ‘Sport:80’.Processing of the data is carried out using a download from the database into an electronic file held locally by the Company Secretary and the Membership Director only. This data is held for no longer than 5 years.

Data collected includes but is not restricted to names, addresses, date of birth, gender, telephone and email contact information, disability information, bow style and club affiliation. Applicants are asked to indicate, during the renewal/application process, their preferences and permission for ANI (and AGB) to use their contact data for purposes of direct electronic communication (e.g. eZine, online survey etc.), as well as hardcopy mailings (e.g. published magazine).

ANI collects tournament data from entrants to championship events, together with the matching results information. Archers give permission for the collection, processing and publication of this data when completing the entry form. This data is considered transient and is collected, processed and published at the time of the event only, and is held for no longer than one year on local electronic files. Other public domain platforms such as IANSEO, Facebook and the ANI website are also used to publish selected data (e.g. results).

ANI collects records data in support of N.I. record scores in each discipline and category, as and when records are set or broken. Archers give permission for the processing and publication of this data when claiming a new record. This data is considered ‘public domain’ and is collected, processed and published on the ANI website. This data is held indefinitely until superceded.

ANI collects data about volunteer post-holders in support of the appointment to a position including personal data, background checks, skills and experience. This data is held on password protected local electronic files by the Company Secretary for as long as the person is in position plus one year.

ANI collects data related to any complaints for the purposes of investigation and resolution. This data is considered personal and private and is especially secured and only accessible by the restricted investigating officer under supervision of the Membership Director. This data is held until satisfactory closure of the complaint plus two years.

In accordance with your legal rights the personal data that AGB/ANI holds about you may be accessed, viewed and corrected by you on the Sport:80 portal at any time. Its use can be restricted, or it can be deleted by written request to ANI.

In order to receive direct email communication from AGB/ANI it is essential that a valid email address is included in your personal profile and that the box to receive eZines is checked.

This NI Privacy Notice is supplemental to the Archery GB Privacy policy and is published by the Board of Directors of Archery NI on 6th April 2018.