ArcheryNI Important Documents

Archery NI Privacy Notice

ArcheryGB Codes of Conduct

  • All members are reminded that all Archery GB members sign up to follow the Archery GB Codes of Conduct - Codes of Conduct
  • Also Rules of Shooting and SAPs - Rules of Shooting

Archery GB Joint Pathway Document

Click Here for more information related to the Talent Pathway, Performance Academy and International Representation

Archery NI Eligibility & Team Selection

Archery NI Safeguarding and Child Protection

Archery NI currently follows and adopts the AGB Safeguarding information which can be found HERE!

The AGB Safeguarding person is Anne Rook

The ANI Safeguarding person is Michael Ferguson & Eilish Ward

For any safeguarding concerns or enquiries, your first point of contact is your club’s Child Protection Officer, thereafter the ANI and AGB Safeguarding officers.

Archery NI Inclusion Committee Meetings

Archery NI Development Plan Files

Archery NI Articles of Association

Articles of Association Download

Membership Renewals

Both Archery GB and Archery NI membership renewals are due from 1st October each year. For 202/21 the Archery NI fees are included in the AGB Sport:80 online payment system, so clubs and direct members should pay the regional membership fees directly to AGB.

For any manual payments, you may also send a cheque for the ANI fees, but please make the cheque payable to Archery NI, not Archery GB. For direct bank transfer of ANI fees use the contact page and we will send you our bank details.

Please be aware of the following:-

  • Email with details when payment is sent.
  • Double check category of membership, especially anyone currently on a pro-rata membership.
  • Members moving to your club from another club – to avoid creating a duplicate record, contact Membership Services with the member’s details to get them transferred to your club.
  • Direct Members – clubs should not accept AGB Direct members for payment of ANI fees. Direct members should pay ANI fees themselves, as above!
  • Student Members studying outside of N.I. but wishing to remain an ANI member, should join their Uni club and pay their regional fee directly to ANI , as above.