National Talent Development Programme - 1st Anniversary

The National Talent Programme started on 20th January 2019. The success of the programme is evidenced by the increase in athletes moving up the pathway to the Northern Ireland Performance Academy.
Are you motivated to improve your performance and follow your goals?
Athletes will have a clear understanding of what they need to know and to do to reach the next stage of their development.

Tracking and Benchmarking

Athletes are tracked through their development on key elements of their programme so that they can monitor their progress. They will also undergo benchm,ark testing which helps view their trajectory referenced against the Worlds Best Archers at the specific stage of development. Athletes undergo a process of assessment on key characteristics identified as being predictive of World Class success and weighted appropriately to the age and stage of the athelete being profiled.

Willingness to do the work

Undertaking and managing yourself as a performer is key to long term sucess. NTDP is aimed at supporting that leraning by challenging you to consider what it takes to develop further and how that journey is personal to you.

Are you ready to undertake that journey?

If so 10am Sunday 19th January at Lisnagarvey High School Lisburn is the venue. Lloyd Brown Head of Coach Development will be in attendance.

Please forward your name, age and bow style to NTDP Co-ordinator Hazel Campbell at